Freelance Services

Editing & Story Coaching

I help stuck authors get unstuck through story coaching and editorial assessments. Writing can be a long, intimidating, frustrating journey that’s full of dead ends and speed bumps. But a story coach can help get you back on track.

Are you wondering if:

• Your characters are fully developed?

• There’s a plot hole needing filled?

• Your story is engaging?

• You’re ready to query agents?

• Your book is as good as your mother tells you it is?

Inviting partners into the journey can help improve your story, so you can better engage your reader. I’d love to talk about your story and see how we can work together. Reach out to me via Reedsy and we can discuss.

I’ve told a lot of stories over the years. My writing has appeared in online and print publications, marketing and advertising materials, books, and scripts that have been performed for thousands. Click to learn more.