Freelance Writing & Consulting

You have a message that you want to get across, but how do you do that in a world of short attention spans?

For 20 years, I have been helping organizations and individuals tell more effective and engaging stories. I work with clients to understand and develop their company’s brand narrative, while defining strategies to get their message to their customers.

My writing and editing skills can be used for:

  • Web sites
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing materials
  • Custom projects

But, I don’t simply bring words to a project. I also specialize in:

  • Brand messaging
  • Content & strategy development
  • Marketing consulting


Brand Development

As a national non-profit prepared to launch a new initiative, I worked alongside the founder to develop the name, logo, website, content and overall brand messaging.


An industry leader needed to reframe their messaging so that their brand matched the innovations it creates. I had the privilege of leading the initiative to redefine the brand voice, and teach the company’s team how to internalize and implement the redirection.


The Screen Strong Solution: How to Free Your Child from Addictive Screen Habits was developed to help parents learn why their child craves screen time, what building blocks are necessary for healthy development, how to nurture the most important relationships in their child’s life, and how to replace the digital world with the real one. I worked alongside the author to develop the content, edit the material and promote the book.

Other books I also edited:
Can Your Teen Survive–and Thrive–Without a Smartphone?

Will Your Gamer Survive College?

Houseboat by Lisa Head

Marketing Materials

Telling a story takes different forms. For this project, I wrote marketing materials to engage the reader, while indirectly promoting the client’s services.

Award-Winning Article

I’ve had the privilege of telling a lot of stories and this is one I’ll never forget, not because I won an award for it, but because of the brave women who openly shared their fight with the readers. The Family Fight: The Story of a Mother and Daughter Battling Breast Cancer Together appeared in The Family Magazine of Michiana. This article received the Bronze Award for Editorial Profile from the Parenting Media Association.

A Small Sampling of Articles & Blog Posts:




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