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Novel Writing Tips & Elevator Pitch
Charlotte Readers Podcast

15 Southern Novels That Belong on a Porch Next to a Pitcher of Iced Tea
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“When Your Career is in the Toilet: 5 Creative Writing Tips Learned in a Cubicle”
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Smut-Free Love Stories: Authors offer surprising doses of morality for young adults
World Magazine

HomeTown Living: The Last Carolina Girl
WSBT TV Interview

Marketing a New Book from a Debut Author’s Perspective with Meagan Church
Video Interview with Dan Vukmirovich, Director of Creative Strategy at Force 5

April Book Club with Meagan Church
Titcomb’s Bookshop Zoom Discussion

Most Wish-Listed Books of the Year (So Far)
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Enthused for Debuts with Meagan Church
Instagram Live with A Mighty Blaze

Author Chat with @MommaLeighEllensBookNook
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Best Book Club Books to Spark Conversation
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13 of the Best Book Club Books to Discuss Now
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Author Elevator Series: Exceptional Authors. Standout Books. Elevator Talk.
Interview with Judith D. Collins

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SouthPark Magazine

Best Historical Fiction of the Spring
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