The Girls We Sent Away

Why Preorders Matter

The Girls We Sent Away releases Tuesday, March 5. Are you ready? You’ve heard me say it (so many times!) before, but I’m here to say it again…be sure to preorder your copy from your favorite brick-and-mortar or online bookstore. Why? Good question!

Preorders do matter. Here are four reasons why:

Makes the author feel loved.

I’m kidding! Kind of. We authors can be a fragile bunch. But, after spending years pouring ourselves into our stories, we never know how they will be received. Let’s just say that book launch can give us flashbacks to standing in gym class and not wanting to be the last one picked for a team. So, a preorder can comfort our fragile egos and say, “You did something good!”

Builds buzz.

Each preorder alerts retailers, the publisher, librarians, and more to the interest in the book, and can lead to a bigger marketing push, more library and retail orders, prominent shelf placement, lots of word-of-mouth, etc.

Creates momentum.

With more buzz comes the possibility of more book events and signings, interviews, media placement, and more. And all of this helps introduce other readers to the book and author.

Gives you free gifts!

Who doesn’t love some swag? For The Girls We Sent Away, we have put together a special gift package that includes a signed bookplate, letter from me, sticker, bookmark, and (my favorite!) an iron-on patch that’s perfect for your favorite canvas bag or book tote.

To get your free gifts, order from one of these independent bookstores (they ship!):

Park Road Books | Charlotte, NC

Litchfield Books | Pawleys Island, SC

Brain Lair Books | South Bend, IN

Village Books |The Woodlands, TX

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