Writing & Editing

I’ve told a lot of stories over the years. My writing has appeared in online and print publications, in marketing and advertising materials, in a children’s book, and in scripts that have been performed for thousands. My “Dear Mom” articles became a monthly column in The FAMILY Magazine of Michiana, and my article “The Family Fight: A Story of  a Mother and Daughter Battling Breast Cancer Together” won an Editorial Profile Award from the Parenting Magazine Association. The following are just a few samples of some of the work I’ve done. Please contact me for more information.




Dear Mom Column for The Family Magazine of Michiana:


Website writer/content coordinator:


Team Church

Feeding the Nations

Let’s Go Fitness (past)

Monroe Circle Community Center (past)


Rebranding campaign:

Draper Inc


Content consulting:

Families Managing Media



Sometimes my role as a storyteller is to be the original content creator. Other times it is to be a second set of eyes on another person’s words, to improve upon the story through editing and proofreading. In the past, I have edited full-length books, including the young adult fiction thriller The Houseboat by Lisa Head. I am the former publisher and editor of the literary magazine Peeks & Valleys.


Guest blogger:

• NursingNurture.com, including: “How I Succeeded: My Breastfeeding Journey”

• Church World Service, including: “What the West Virginia Water Contamination Teaches Us About Breastfeeding”

• Birth Boot Camp, “Why Writing Your Birth Story Matters”

• Giving Birth with Confidence where I chronicled my third pregnancy, and also wrote guest posts, such as “Preparing for Life Beyond Birth”

• Mother’s Advocate, including: “Choose Wisely: How to Select a Care Provider”


Children’s Book

Unique as Pete: How Autism Doesn’t Mean Different, has been created to entertain and educate people of all ages on autism. A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to support the Autism Society of North Central Indiana, South Bend Chapter (ASNCISB) and their efforts to open an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy center in the South Bend area. While I hope it will help many local families in their dealings with autism through the ABA therapy center, I also hope it will educate countless others – from children to adults – on what it means and doesn’t mean to be autistic. For more information, visit Amazon.



Truth in Text, writer
Created to be used as the opening video for a Cyberbullying Community Plunge.

Doc Cortex, co-writer
Created to teach parents and children about brain development.

25 Years | Sheila Beeson, co-writer
Created for Granger Community Church

Every Fight Every Family Has Ever Had Ever, co-writer
Performed at Granger Community Church.

Of Dinner Time and Pie Charts, co-writer
Performed at Granger Community Church.

Unraveling, co-writer
Performed at Granger Community Church.